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Tips for Hiring DJ Entertainment For
YOUR Wedding Reception

Three things you should ALWAYS do before hiring entertainment

1. Meet with the person who will be doing your wedding reception.
2. Get references on wedding receptions that were done by the person you met with.
3. Have the company put in the contract that the person you met with will be the person that actually does your wedding reception. Will this person be there for the entire reception or just part of it? This one is the most important. If the person's name is not part of the contract, the company can legally send ANYONE they want. They could send someone with NO experience. Don't take that chance with your wedding reception.

Though these first three tips seem obvious, many a bride and groom have been unexpectantly surprised at their wedding day when someone whom they never met or spoken with walks up and says "good evening, I will be your DJ tonight".

Important Questions To Ask:

Does the DJ that will be doing my reception own his own company or do they work exclusively for the company on the contract? Some DJ companies hire lower charging DJ services and then mark the price up. For example, you have met with the lower charging DJ service and decided they were not what you wanted for your wedding reception. You then meet with a DJ Service who charges more and sounded like they everything you wanted. Problem is, they subcontract the lower charging DJ Service. You end up having the DJ service you did not want and paid hundreds of dollars more than you could have hired them for!

Do you have liability insurance? Can you provide me a certificate of liability insurance? All professional DJ services carry liability insurance. This protects both you and the company you hire. If they are a multi-system service, they will need to have liability insurance for each system they have. You should have them add to the contract that they will carry liability insurance.

Does the company you hire offer a money back guarantee? If they don't, ask why? Why wouldn't someone that you are entrusting your wedding reception with guarantee you they are going to do what they offer?

Do you have backup equipment on site? Even the best equipment is subject to failure. I would definitely make sure this is added to the contract you sign. Some DJ companies do not want to have the added expense of backup equipment. What happens if it is your wedding reception where the equipment fails? IT'S OVER!

Does the company you hire coordinate the receptions? Making announcements is NOT coordination. Ask your DJ how they would accomplish this task. Looking for great entertainment for your Wedding Reception?

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